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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I buy a ready painting from you?
Yes, such paintings are marked accordingly in my gallery. If the painting you like is not for sale, I can make its replica in any size.

2.Can I order a new painting from you?
Yes, of course. After you choose your topic I create the painting in my own way - within the framework of my painting style and own creative ideas, which warrants obtaining of an original painting in the sense of its artistic effect - signed with my name.

3.What technique do you use when creating your paintings?
I use oil technique on previously undercoated (few layers) canvas.

4.How to order a painting?
I take orders by mail. Order details should include suggestions regarding the topic of the painting and its approximate size. I contact later the person placing the order to order details and price.

5.Do you require a deposit before starting work on an ordered painting?
Yes, before starting a new order, a 50% deposit is required. I accept cash or bank transfer. Bank and account details will be given.

6.What proof do I have, that the ordered painting has been finished when sending the balance payment?
On completion, the painting is photographed and the image is send by email to the client as a proof of order completion. Having this evidence, before sending out the completed painting, the balance should be paid 1) into a bank account, or 2) in case of collecting the painting in person - cash payment is available.

7.What does the price of an order or ready painting depend on?
The price depends on the degree of difficulty, size of the canvas, etc.

8.How long does it take to complete an order?
The time required depends on the size of the canvas and topic of the painting. Sometimes order sequence is involved.

9.The painting is finished - what's next?
The finished painting, after a period of drying is coated with varnish, - and it is ready for delivery. However it is extremely important for me to select a suitable frame for the painting. Only after this task I have a sense of a fully completed work. Therefore I prefer to suggest a likely frame - of course with knowledge and agreement from the client. Both photographs of the finished painting and type of proposed frame are sent to the client by email. After this we come to a conclusion as to the frame. However if a client prefers no frame with the order, I stay with his/her decision.

10.Is the price of a frame included in the original order price?
No, the earlier set price, so called author's price, does not include the price of a frame.

11.What are the delivery options?
If there is no possibility of collecting the order in person, I use a courier service for delivery. The cost of the courier service is paid by the person placing the order.

12.Do you accept international orders?
Yes I do.

13.I haven't found here the answer to my question - what shall I do?
Please ask me on

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