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Individual Exhibitions




Polish Cultural Institute, London, England;
1. Polish Association of Painters and Graphic Artists' Gallery, Katowice, Poland;
2. Cultural Centre, Silesian Library Gallery, Katowice, Poland;
Municipality Cultural Centre's Gallery, Mikolow, Poland;
1. Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
2. Municipality Cultural Centre, Lodz, Poland;
Municipality Cultural Centre "Poludnie", Katowice-Zarzecze, Poland;
The Downey Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA;
Contemporary Art Galery, Kołobrzeg, Poland;
Municipality Cultural Centre "Poludnie", Katowice - Podlesie, Poland

Group Exhibitions





Post-diploma collective exhibition, BWA, Katowice, Poland;
International collective exhibition, Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, Paris region, France
- set of paintings awarded the prize of Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois;
Collective exhibition "Prof. Jacek Rykala Studio", BWA, Katowice, Poland;
1. Collective exhibition of works donated to "Nasza Czestochowa" Association in Czestochowa Museum, Poland;
2. Collective exhibition of works donated to "Nasza Czestochowa" Association - Exhibition in the Consulate General of RP in New York City, USA, and taking part in an auction of donated works;
3. International collective exhibition "ART-21" - Las Vegas, Newada USA;
4. International collective exhibition "International Art Expo" - San Francisco, California, USA;
1. Collective exhibition "Duda-Gracz and his students (1976-1982)", Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland;
2. Collective exhibition "Duda-Gracz and his students (1976-1982)", Poznanski Palace, Lodz, Poland;
Collective exhibition "I am", BWA, Katowice, Poland;


1. Many paintings in private collections in Poland and abroad
2. Two paintings: "Golgotha" (2000) and "Resurrected Christ" (2003) in the Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish Church in Katowice-Podlesie, Poland

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