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Dear Visitors,

I would like to welcome you to my Internet Gallery. I am very pleased that you expressed the desire to become acquainted with my works.

I pursue exclusively easel painting by creating oil paintings in a realistic convention with symbolic and metaphorical spirit. In this way I would like to funnel an entanglement of every mood, feeling and thought as well as a certain feeling which all together constitute the testimonial of my spiritual existence.


I think that the path I consequently follow was fortunately bestowed upon me starting from my earliest years, when I was not aware, that I have been stepping on it. I mean here my artistic education, which, from my childhood
years, was firstly shaped by Cracow with its magnificent collections of Polish paintings in the Sukiennice Gallery - as well as the visit

to the Czartoryski Museum, where I saw for the first time the Rembrandt's "Landscape with a good Samaritan" and "The Lady with an Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci. Next it was Moscow, where many times I had the pleasure to gaze at paintings hanging in the Puszkin's Gallery, or else in the Tretiakov's Gallery. I experienced my unforgettable meeting with Rembrandt as a 13 years old in then Leningrad's Ermitage (now St. Petersburg), to meet again with the Great Master ten years later - but this time in the London's National Gallery. There I could admire to my heart's content paintings of the greatest masters of European painting of the past seven centuries.

I highlight this part of my biography not without reason, where destiny happily enabled me to have a direct contact with the paintings of Great Masters, because "our" meetings in the span of the years were for me a marvellous inspiration in the widest meaning of the word and shaped me as a painter.

Looking from the perspective of the bygone years at the words of a simple in its meaning sentence placed once upon a time under my early portrait - "Believe in yourself and stay yourself" - I am sure they were never defrauded and will be current up to the end of The
Way - My Way - which I continually follow with the utmost consequence and determination.

Grzegorz Bialik
2008 r.

* Born on February 22nd, 1957 in Mikolow, Grzegorz Bialik has been living all his life in Katowice-Podlesie, Poland. A graduate of The Fine Arts State Secondary School in Katowice (1978) and The Faculty of Graphic Art of The Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, Katowice Campus (1983). He studied painting and graphic art in the studio run by Jerzy Duda-Gracz, and later by Jacek Rykala.

He has been entered (2002) into the first edition of the "Who is Who in Poland" encyclopaedia.

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